Lawrence Building Corp

Company Description

The Lawrence family has been prominent in the Midwest's petroleum construction industry for over 30 years. Lawrence Building Corporation (LBC) has built a reputation as the company with innovative, efficient, and practical answers to our clients concerns.  Regardless if you are a large national corporation with thousands of outlets or a private owner with a single tank, LBC can offer construction solutions that make sense. 
What sets LBC apart from other contractors is LBC’s capabilities, production, and efficiency. LBC will get your facility open and productive quicker than any other contractor minimizing lost revenues and eliminating the project that never seems to end.  This is accomplished by competent project management, a clear plan, and self-performing the major portions of every project, allowing us to carefully monitor construction quality and maintain schedule objectives in a cost effective manner. Our in-house capabilities include but aren’t limited to:

• Design/Build - Full Service General Contractor – Bonded, Insured, and Licensed
• Petroleum Contractor - UST/AST  Design, Upgrade, Installation & Removal
• Daily Onsite Supervision
• Site Excavation  and Utilities
• Environmental Remediation
• Shoring and Sheet Piling
• Concrete Construction
• Carpentry and Interior Finishes
• Interior Remodels / Image Upgrades
• D.E.F.  Installation

We measure our success by the quality of our finished projects. We’re fully committed to building with integrity, reliability, and superior workmanship. Once you experience a LBC project, you’ll wonder why you ever built with anyone else. If you would like to know more about Lawrence Building Corporation please contact us at 260-469-8400, or check out our website


Construction & Design

  • Construction & Design

Storage Tanks

  • UST / AST System Installation
  • UST Removals / Abandonment-In-Place (Commercial & Residential)